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Diagonal 07 - MyWall stencil family

Diagonal 07 - MyWall stencil family
Diagonal 07 - MyWall stencil family

Stencil sizes:

On the

In the


18x23 cm
Kicsi S 18x35 cm
Tortatál T 28x29 cm
Közepes M 31x35 cm
Nagy L 38x42 cm
Maxi XL 38x60 cm


1 500 Ft

This translucent, flexible plastic stencil is both durable and reusable, and it can be used on curved surfaces as well.

User's guide:

1. Place the stencil on the surface you want to paint and secure it with masking tape.

2. Using a round stencil brush or sponge brush, apply the paint in circular motions. For larger surfaces, use a sponge roller. The less paint you use, the better you can spread it and create beautiful edges. Using multiple colors can create attractive color transitions. Start with lighter colors.

3. After use, wash the stencil immediately with soapy water! Use water-soluble paint if possible, but the thinner of solvent-based paint is also suitable for cleaning the stencil.

4. Stencils are available in 2 versions. Painter stencils are 250 microns (0.25 mm), while 3D stencils are 350 microns (0.35 mm) thick.
The thickness of 3D stencils allow you to create a 3D, textured pattern. In this case, apply texture paste to the pattern, use a smoothing tool such as an old credit card to remove excess, and lift the stencil.

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30 Ft

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